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meow ♪ says the fish

proclamations (kangin/leeteuk)

Fluff | PG-13
Don't own them
Notes: For sycoraxsnow because she writes osm Kangteuk and she deserves this. ♥
... I know I said I'd write you crack, but... I can't write crack. So you'll get fluff instead. Cheer up bb. :3


Just a kiss. Just a hand hold. Just another secret glance at each other.

But oh, it means so much.

"Kangin," Leeteuk whispers, in the morning when Kangin's arms are draped over his body.

"Kangin," Leeteuk hollers, in the afternoon when he's already exhausted and the members are making a mess of the living room and kitchen.

"Kangin," Leeteuk breathes sweetly, when Kangin is pounding into him, sweat and saliva collecting in the hollow of his neck.

"Kangin," Leeteuk orders, when Kangin stumbles into the dorms, drunk and high, with a goofy (but loving) smile specially directed to Leeteuk.

"Kangin," Leeteuk whispers, watching the man roll over and look him into the eyes. "I think I..." He's stopped by a pressure to his lips.

"Let me say it," Kangin breathes, eyelids lowering and frame stiffening. "I love you."

Tags: !fanfiction, f: super junior, p: kangin/leeteuk, r: pg-13
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